Monday, March 23, 2009

My Goal

This morning Tracy and I started an in home boot camp workout called Power90. I am so excited to be doing this. I have heard nothing but good about it! And because we are both not in shape, I think we will get some good results. Along with the exercise I am really starting to make an effort with my eating. I haven't really been a bad eater but I'm really concentrating on what I put into my body. Whole grains, fruits and veggies, less sugar. Along with the exercise videos came some other dietary guidelines like eating 5 times a day, not eating 3 hours before bed and not eating an hour before working out. I didn't eat 5 times today, I only ate 4 but at the time I should have had my 5th, I was really not hungry. I figured it was better to not eat than to eat just cause I should. I don't know though. They do say that eating 5 times will help you to not overeat at the bigger meals. I don't think I ate too much at dinner though. I'll just have to really pay attention and see what works best. I'm really excited and I really hope that this will get me off the plateau that I've been on since KK was born!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I hope everyone has had a fun St. Patricks day! St. Patricks day is always fun. I love dressing in green and teasing my kids that they'll get pinched if they take their green off or don't come up in the morning with it on. We never do anything huge for St. Patricks day, I dyed the milk green this morning which the 3 oldest liked, but which made Keighlee not want to eat her cereal! I also made Irish Soda Bread for preschool, and that was really yummy. As for the whole corned beef and cabbage thing, not for us. With a husband who lived in Ireland for 2 years, corned beef and cabbage isn't what they really eat, plus he doesn't like it! He said if you truly want to have Irish food, cook up some bangers and mash, or some "chips". Find a "chippie" and have bangers and chips or fish and chips. That's Irish food! He also said that he lived in Ireland for 2 years so he's good for like 700 more St. Patricks days with the Irish food! haha!! He also thinks it's funny that it's such a big holiday here. The holiday wasn't even celebrated in Ireland until we started celebrating it here! Too funny. Just some food for thought from one whose actually been to Ireland! As for me, it's fun to get a little crazy with the green food dye and go on pinching frenzies once a year!! :D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proud Parent Moment

We had a very proud parent moment today at our house! Tiaree got a package from her school in the mail today. It was a letter from her principal and a certificate from the Utah State Office of Education. Here is what her letter said:
"Dear Tiaree McGee,
Congratulations on your outstanding academic achievement! The enclosed certificate is your recognition for placing in the top ten percent nationally on the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills in the area(s) listed for the 2008-2009 school year. This signifies the effort you extend each day as a student at Falcon Ridge Elementary.

I challenge you to continue to set goals, work hard, and strive to do your very best. This will help prepare you for a successful future. I am extremely proud of you.

Best Regards,
Karen Thomson

Yay for Tiaree! These are the areas she tested in the top %10: Reading, Science, Language, Social Studies, Core Total and Total Composite. She has a nice certificate signed by her principal the State Superintendent and the Chair of the Utah State Board of Education! I am so dang proud of her! Last week's parent teacher conferences were really good and her teacher showed us her scores, but I had no idea she was in the top %10 NATIONALLY!!!

Jarik had a wonderful PTC too! He is reading way above grade level and understanding everything he reads. He is passing off his addition and subtraction facts too. I loved going to PTC this year because they have been so good. Nothing but good to report. Well it's always been that way with my kids and I love that!! :) I love having bragging rights!! LOL!!

Fun Weekend

On Saturday we went bowling with my brother in Tooele for his birthday. It was so much fun! The whole family went, except Sam and Caitlin cause they were in Cedar. The kids all bowled too, it was so fun to watch them. Tracy got some great pics with his camera, but I'll just put a few of the ones I got on mine. After dinner we had the most wonderful homemade pizza and breadsticks! (I'm still waiting for the dough recipe Ems!!) It was such a fun night. I love being able to spend fun times with my family.
Jarik gets some good heft behind the ball

Tiaree beat everyone on the first game, adults included!

Bree loved chucking the ball down that ramp.

KK just loved picking the balls up and trying to get them on the ramp.

Jared, Alyssa and Colette (and Bree sneaking in to try to help!)

I LOVE Alyssa's face here! Helping Dad!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I found this video today and was truly amazed. I feel very inadequate now! This girl is 20 years old and was put on a panel about different religions at Harvard. She explained her beliefs and her views so well. I think that if I had been asked some of the questions she was asked, I would have stuttered and not been able to really answer them. It's a great video if you have the time to watch it!

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crazy Month!

This is going to be really long so I don't blame anyone for not reading! This is the only journal I do now though so I need to write it down!! :) So February turned out to be a very crazy month!! We had thing after thing happen and I feel like today I can finally start to breathe again and get back to normal again. The month started out with some fun stuff. For Valentines we got to go have dinner at the Maddox in Brigham City with a bunch of my good TwilightMom friends. It was such a fun time! The food was so good and then we got to stay the night at the Crystal Inn. It was a great get away.

Tracy and I on our way to Brigham

This is me, Amy, Heidi and Laura. Laura and I helped Amy and Heidi plan.

The next day I went to the funeral of my good childhood friend Laura Noall Steele. We grew up together, went to elementary, junior high and high school together. I hadn't seen her since 1999, before she went on her mission. We just found eachother on facebook and were going to get together soon and then she got sick and died. It's so sad. She left 2 little boys who are like 3 and1 or something like that. It was such a great funeral though. I was amazed at how full her 30 years had been. Her and her husband had lived life to the fullest, taking nothing for granted and it was great to see that. It was one of the most spiritual services I've ever been to and really re-affirmed my belief in God's plan for us. I know that families are eternal and I know that Laura will be with her husband and boys again.

For the long Valentines/President's Day weekend we decided to go to St. George and visit Tracy's mom and hike and play. I got to help in both Tiaree's and Jarik's classes on Friday for Valentines. It was so much fun to see them and be able to help. We were right ready to go when school got out. Tracy had been complaining about a belly ache since Thursday night but he just thought it was gas or something so we went. The further we got on the road, the worse he hurt. By the time we got there, he was in a lot of pain. We got the kids ready for bed and he finally decided he needed to go to the doctors. We set off for instacare, but it closed at like 9. We were just going to head back to my MIL's but at the last minute Tracy decided that he should go to the ER. They got him back in not too long and started him on some contrast stuff he had to swallow so they could to a CT scan. They took blood and his blood work came back fine, but he was still ina ton of pain so they went ahead with the scan. The technician saw it clearly. My hubby had appendicitis. Crap. I was very frustrated and worried and upset and exhausted by this point. He made me go back to his mom's to get some sleep. They told me they'd be going into surgery at about 6. So I get to the hospital about 6:45 and start waiting. I took for granted that they'd do the surgery on time. About 7:15 I started looking for him. I was worried because I hadn't heard anything. I went down to his room, I'd been waiting in the surgery area, and I found him there. They hadn't even taken him to surgery yet. He went into surgery right around 8. The doctor came out about 8:40 and said everything was fine. I went back to his room and waited for him to get out of post-op. He came in groggy and didn't even know I was there. I left after I knew he was out and was ok.

The kids and I and Diane decided to make the best of our vacation and had a fun Saturday. We went to McDonalds for lunch and played on the play place. Then we went and saw Tracy for a few minutes. He was more awake by this time! We then went and saw Hotel for Dogs. It was very cute. We went to Denny's for dinner and went and saw Tracy again and then went home and to bed. I was so tired!! I'd only had about 3 hours of sleep and I was stressed and emotional and not the happiest camper!!

This is us on our way to see the movie. I don't know why Bree looks so sad!

Tracy got out of the hospital on Sunday morning and we spent the day walking around. He had to walk to relieve the pressure of all the air they filled him with. We also played the wii and just relaxed. Sunday was an ok day. We headed home Monday and Tracy was actually able to drive halfway. He was never given any pain meds and he didn't really need any. He took advil and that's all he needed. We were very lucky that he healed so well and so quickly. He stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday though. That was kind of nice and relaxing for me. We just watched movies and vegged.

Monday after we got home we got to have dinner with a good friend from college. Him and his family live in Belgium right now where he is working but they are getting ready to head back home and he had a day of interviews here. It was so much fun to talk to him and catch up. I can't wait to see their whole family and to catch up with his wife too!! Becky and Justin, we need to have a day long get together when you come back!! One night won't be long enough!! :)

On Friday Tracy found out he was going out of town on Tuesday for 5 days. Totally last minute! It was really kind of frustrating. I just felt that I was getting back in control after the whole "vacation" fiasco, and then I got thrown this wrench. I usually have a couple of months to build myslef up to being alone but I had 3 days to do it this time. Kind of frustrating. So we went out to dinner and a movie Friday night. MaCools and "Taken". Awesome movie, great food! It was nice to get away for a few hours. Then on Sunday I got a last minute chance to go see Celine Dion. I'm not like a huge fan but I do like her. I like her more after the concert. It was amazing!! She is awesome. Being the daughter of 2 singers I watched her in awe. Her diaphram control was so sweet!! She was just so much fun to watch and it really seemed like she loved performing for us. I had issues about going seeing as how it was on Sunday, but my hubby convinced my that I needed the time away and my friend helped me make up my mind by pointing out that she'd listen to Celine on a Sunday!! :) It was great.

Tracy left Tuesday morning and got home last night. I survived! We had a fun time while he was gone. It was nice weather for the most part and we got to play at the park. We also went to see the "Saturn" show at the Clark Planetarium. That was pretty cool. It was on the dome ceiling and at one part they were talking about how they think the rings were formed by two moons crashing into eachother. It showed the crash and was really loud and then it looked like bits were falling toward us. Keighlee was on my lap and one big piece looked like it was going to fall right on us and she let out this huge scream! It was hilarious!! Then after the scream she goes "holy cwap"!! Too cute!! I was really exhausted when he got home and actually went to bed at like 7:30!! I slept all night and today I feel great! I'm hoping that things can get back to normal and that I can get a handle on my life after the craziness that was February!!