Sunday, June 22, 2008

Keighlee's Birthday

I decided that I'd try a slide show for pictures of Keighlee's birthday. Hope you enjoy!!
Ok, so I just realized that half of the pictures are sideways. Sorry!! I'll fix that on other slideshows and if I can figure it out on this one, I'll fix it!

Long Awaited Pictures

I am finally on the computer that has the pictures from Tiaree's birthday. Yay!!! So here you go:

This is Tiaree and her friends at her birthday party. She had so much fun! They were a cute bunch of girls.

Tiaree opening the gift from Grammy and Papa and Auntie Cait.

Enjoying more presents

So there ya go, not many but a glimpse of her fun day!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Blog

I'm posting a link over in my favorites, or whatever they are called, that will take you to Tracy's Photo Blog. He will be posting pictures sometimes on there for fun. There are a couple cute ones of Keighlee right now. Go check it out!!