Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Birthday TwilightMoms

So last November 22nd, Lisa Hansen had a wonderful idea to start an online community for Moms who love Twilight. What a wonderful idea she had! I joined in February and have loved every minute of being a TM. I have met so many wonderful women being a TM. We have had so much fun doing so many things! At the Red Carpet premier of Twilight, many of the actors wished TwilightMom's a Happy Birthday. Here is a video of that. I thought it was pretty cool.

Thanks Lisa for creating such a wonderful thing! You are awesome with your Empire and all us little Minions!!! LOL!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Lots of Things!

Ok, I know I haven't blogged in a while but I've been super busy. So I'll blog about a few things today! First off, I just got off the phone with my Grandma. She is 82 years old. She just read Twilight! I get this call and it goes something like this: "Are you going to the Twilight movie?" Um yeah, Twilight has only been my life for the past few weeks, months.....since I read them. But I say "Yeah, in fact I'm on a planning committee for a huge even we are putting on at the District for it. About 1000 people are coming." She giggled. My grandma giggled. She goes "I'm going to get tickets too. I love the books. That Edward!" And she giggled AGAIN!!! Can we make an off-shoot of TM's called Twilight Grandmas?? Or give them honorary status or something?? I think it's awesome! Then she starts in on if I think Rob is going to do a good job. "Yes, I think he will. I was kind of a skeptic at first but the more I've seen of him, I'm really liking him." Meanwhile I"m drooling at the thought of Rob ;) Then she starts talking about the guy she thinks would have made a good Edward. I looked him up, he's too old for Edward, but for an 82 year old woman, I can see how she'd think that. He is pretty cute too. It's Simon Baker from CBS's The Mentalist. She just found the show and really likes it and say's he is "way cute"! Way cute!! Is my grandma suddenly a 16 year old! I've been laughing since I got off the phone with her, promising to call her on Friday after I see the midnight show! Oh, my sides hurt! But it's so awesome!!

On to other things. My girls, Bree and Keighlee, have been stinker pots today! Just fighting about everything and screaming and hitting and pinching. So they both got sent to their rooms after lunch. Kk for a needed nap and Bree for time out. Well Kk wasn't having any of it. She cried and moaned and then said she wanted Jarik. I told her no, to go to sleep. Well it got quiet and I went to peek at her and this is what I found:

Too cute!! Jarik and Keighlee have always been close. When we go out, Jarik is usually the one she will snuggle up with and go to sleep with. She loves her big brother so much. I thought this was so cute and so tender. I have more of them falling to sleep together but they are on the other camera and the other camera always gives me problems when I try to download pictures.

Last thing I need to write about is Halloween. It was a really fun Halloween. It started Thursday night and we went to the ward trunk-or-treat. It was really great. The cub scouts had done a spook alley in the church. It was really good, I actually jumped at one spot and made myself look like an idiot. I think I even yelled! Friday after school, we went to Tracy's work and trick-or-treated and then went to my mom's new work and trick-or-treated and then came home and they trick-or-treated. Each of the 3 oldest had plastic WalMart sacks full of candy by the time they were done. Crazy. We still have candy. I think I'll throw what's left away before Thanksgiving. All the good stuff is gone now anyway! It was a really fun day though. One of the funnest Halloween's I remember with my little family. The only crappy thing was that I had a sinus infection. I went the next day to the doctor and got on Augmentin. I'm still taking it. I was pretty sick, but it was still fun. The girls all got sick the next week too. We will all be done with our antibiotics tomorrow! Yay! I have pictures too for Halloween, but I can't find the flash drive Tracy put them on. I had it sitting by my computer since the day after Halloween and now I can't find it. When I do, I'll post pics!

OH!! I forgot, I haven't posted about Bree's birthday either! She turned 5 on October 20th. I can't believe how big she is getting. I don't want my kids to get any older. They can all freeze right now. Well, except for Kk, she can get potty trained and then freeze!! We had a fun day I think. We went to Red Robin and then did some clothes shopping. Then 2 days later we had some of her cousin's come over for cake and ice cream. The day before her birthday, we went to my mom's house for a family dinner and she got sang to and had a cool witch cake, the picture of which is on the elusive thumb drive. Here is a video from the night her cousins were over. She loves the spotlight!!

I think I'm all caught up now. Sorry about the eternapost! Have fun y'all!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cute Kids

So I have to quickly post about what Keighlee did the other night. She is having issues about staying in her bed and going to bed in her bed and all that fun stuff. Well the other night she kept getting out of bed. We'd put her back in bed and 3 minutes later she was out again and coming into our room. Finally Tracy put her back in bed and told her to stay there until morning. She got this little pouty look and said "Otay daddy". Well 10 minutes went by then 15. By this point I'm thinking yay, she's asleep. Well about 20 minutes later we hear her door open, again, and she comes wandering into our room. She looks at us, we were watching tv, and goes "Good morning". It was too hard not to laugh at her. It was so dang cute! She's pretty smart for a 2 year old! We told her nice try, it's not morning yet, and to go back to bed. She did and that time she did stay and fall asleep. Now if we could get her to stay in her bed through the night....