Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to School

A couple of weeks ago my kiddies started school. I was so excited for them to start! We have an amazing school with amazing teachers and I feel so blessed that they get to go there. I miss them like crazy, but I know they are getting the best education they can! Tiaree started 6th grade this year. I can't believe I have such a grown up little girl! She has loved the increased responsibility! She has started safety patrol and I'm having to let go a little bit. She has to be to school early and stays after late and she has to do that all by herself, which is hard on this Mamma :D Jarik started 4th grade. He enjoys it I think. I know he misses his 3rd grade teacher, as do I, but I think 4th grade will be good for him. He is already hating homework and thinks it's too hard and that it isn't fair he has to do it! Typical of my very smart, but kinda lazy, boy! Bree started 2nd grade. I miss her 1st grade teacher as well, but I think her teacher this year will be amazing! Bree is having some anxiety going to school so we are working with her trying to figure out why. We have a few ideas that we need to look into more, but once we figure that out I think she will have a wonderful year. My little Keighlee started Kindergarten this year. This was such a hard step for me. I cried for 2 days after I dropped her off. I enjoy having my kids at home, even though some days they drive me insane. And with 3 kids in school I missed them but I still had Keighlee at home to take care of and play with. Now with Keighlee in school, I don't have anyone at home and I'm very lonely. I've gotten used to it, but I still miss her. Yeah, things are easier to get done without her "helping" but her constant stories and talking to me are so missed. I don't think I'll ever "like" all my kids gone, but yeah, I'm used to it and amazingly productive when they are all gone! Anyway, here we are 3 weeks in and getting all the routines down and I can't believe what crazy, busy lives we lead. Crazy and busy but so much fun!
My cute Keighlee waiting in her line. She was kind of nervous!
My three "big kids" ready to head to school!