Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I hope everyone has had a fun St. Patricks day! St. Patricks day is always fun. I love dressing in green and teasing my kids that they'll get pinched if they take their green off or don't come up in the morning with it on. We never do anything huge for St. Patricks day, I dyed the milk green this morning which the 3 oldest liked, but which made Keighlee not want to eat her cereal! I also made Irish Soda Bread for preschool, and that was really yummy. As for the whole corned beef and cabbage thing, not for us. With a husband who lived in Ireland for 2 years, corned beef and cabbage isn't what they really eat, plus he doesn't like it! He said if you truly want to have Irish food, cook up some bangers and mash, or some "chips". Find a "chippie" and have bangers and chips or fish and chips. That's Irish food! He also said that he lived in Ireland for 2 years so he's good for like 700 more St. Patricks days with the Irish food! haha!! He also thinks it's funny that it's such a big holiday here. The holiday wasn't even celebrated in Ireland until we started celebrating it here! Too funny. Just some food for thought from one whose actually been to Ireland! As for me, it's fun to get a little crazy with the green food dye and go on pinching frenzies once a year!! :D


Emily said...

I think it's so funny it's so big here too - I'm not Irish, and have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day... so I have never gotten into the whole thing - but it's really big here!

heather said...

We are big St. Patrick's Day fans here...and love the green milk as well. You'll have to send me the recipe for the Irish bread.

Tori said...

We love to celebrate it too. We have the corned beef and cabbage for dinner and dye everything green too. I asked my girls why we celebrate St. Patrick's day and they said for fun...which pretty much is true. Especially since I'm not catholic or Irish.