Thursday, August 6, 2009


I love camping! I love getting away from everything and just spending time in the mountains! We went on our annual camping trip over the 24th of July and we had a blast! It was nice and cool and I loved being able to just sit in my camp chair and visit or read or nap. The kids got sufficiently dirty from playing so hard and I was able to come home feeling refreshed and ready for life again! We went with my whole family this year, by brothers and their wives, my sister and her husband, my parents and my nieces. It was so great to be with them all and have such a fun time! I think it was one of the best camping trips we've had in a long time! Uncle Erik and Sister Ali (his wife's name, she was part of the family for so long that the kids gave her a name before she became an aunt and it's just stuck!) took the kids on a walk and named everything they saw after one of the kids or their moms or dads or grammy or papa! It was cool and the kids had so much fun! They made us go on the hike and showed us everything and were so proud! I think the best way to show you all the fun, is to do a slide show!

I also have to add this cute video of Colette and Keighlee singing by the stream!

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