Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School

The day after we got back from Camping, Tiaree and Jarik started school. They were both very excited to get back with friends and to learn and all that fun stuff! Tiaree started 4th grade this year and Jarik started 2nd. A week after they started and I am amazed at how fast the homework started, especially for Tiaree. She already has a book report due every three weeks, and a huge Utah counties project due in May. 4th grade is really a step up from the "little kids". Her teacher warned us last year that it would be kind of a shock and it sure has been. A lot more is expected of her than last year, but she is doing great so far! Jarik is doing good too, he has homework every night but he likes it and does it without complaining, so far! Here is their first day:
Walking up to school
Tiaree. She looks so grown up!
Jarik. What a stud!
Tiaree going inside!Jarik going inside!

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