Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Silly Children

So I'm sitting here waiting to stop sweating so I can take a shower and I thought I'd share some of the cute thing Bree and Keighlee do. They are so funny! Monday, when I was ignoring house and children in pursuit of a good book, the girls were playing dress up. Usually when they play dress up one is the mommy and one is the baby. They weren't doing that Monday, they were both just being princess. Well Keighlee comes in with the cutest little pout on her face and tells me that Breekah (our version of Bree's full name, Bree Rebekah) is a meany. She was so serious and so upset. I decided not to laugh it off like I might usually and I asked her what was wrong. She crossed her little arms with a huff and goes "She kissed my boyfriend"!!! Then I laughed! It was just so dang cute. She glared at me and actually stomped her foot. I said "she did huh" and she goes "yeah and it was mean. She is a meanie." If she is acting this way at 2 1/2, what's it going to be like when they really start liking boys? Not something I'm looking forward to at this point. Bree came in and argued that she didn't and that Keighlee was the baby and she was the mommy and they went off and played just fine after that. I thought it was too cute not to share!

In a moment of bad parenting, I realized last night that I have neglected Jarik. I got tagged to do this Mommy quiz thing on facebook all about my first born. Well I started writing down how much she weighed and when she was born and got my journal out just to figure out when the other kids were born and how much they weighed. It's been a while since I compared. Well all the girls were in my journal. Interestingly they were all born within ounces of eachother and only 1/2 inch difference. 6lbs 12.5 oz, 6 lbs 3 oz, 6 lbs 5 oz, 18 1/2 inches, and the other two were both 18. Kind of funny. And they were all born around 3 pm. 3:35, 3:07 and 2:56. Anyway, after I looked all that up I wanted to remember about Jarik. I know he was bigger and longer. I didn't write it in my journal. What?? What kind of mom am I that I didn't write anything about his birth in my journal. Granted he was whisked to the NICU for 10 days, but that shouldn't matter. I should have still written it all down. I wrote down Tiaree's 2 months after she was born. I feel really bad too since him and Tiaree were looking through my journal at breakfast and both noticed that I hadn't written anything about him. Since he is the only boy, I often feel like he is overlooked. I really try to make time for him and make him feel special. And then I do something like this. Great mom I am. I told him I'd find his birth certificate and try to write down all I remember about his birth and what time and stuff that he was born. I do really need to do that. But it's been 7 years. I'm afraid I won't remember that much. Ugh, I feel awful!


Tracy said...

I didn't have anything written down for the younger three, except that they were born. Don't feel so bad.

Emily said...

Very cute! It sounds like they are little teenagers already! lol