Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So Much To Catch Up On!

We have had a busy April and begining of May. It's been a bit crazy. Tiaree turned 8 on the 18th. I can't believe she is that old! We had a sleepover party for her. She had cousins and friends come over and have pizza for dinner. Then they got to make their own dessert. That was fun, they made little cupcake cookie things. Then they had treats and watched a movie. I had a chocolate fountain and they thought that was so cool. We made flavored popcorn and little s'more bags that had Golden Grahams, chocolate chips and mini marshmallows in it. Then for breakfast they had pancakes with strawberries and cool whip. I think she had a fun time. She is such a helper now and is so dang big! She is so smart and she just amazes me every day, when she's not driving me crazy!! LOL

The weekend after her birthday, the kids and I packed up and went to Boise for the weekend. I was really scared about driving all that way by myself. It actually turned out to be really nice. We stopped once to go potty on the way there, we'd been in the car for like 4 hours and it was the first stop. The kids did great. It was fast and easy. Then Keighlee threw up. I was on the phone with Tracy about an hour from Boise and all the sudden she just went at it. YUCK!! I had to wait for the next exit and then clean her up. I was by myself, pulled off at some middle-of-nowhere exit trying to clean a screaming, yucky 2 year old. But I did it! We had a good weekend and the drive home was a lot easier. We stopped for lunch and to go potty once going home too. And Keighlee kept her food in her tummy! I got home and realized that I can do the single mom thing. I'm strong enough and I can handle it, but I am SOOOOOO glad I don't have to. I'm glad I have someone to rely on, and count on. Someone who helps so, so, so much! Love you Tracy! I had a blast with Katie! I miss her so much and I was so glad we had 3 days of just hanging out and talking, with no where we had to rush off to. The best part was just talking! She is awesome and I can't wait until we can visit again!

Last weekend Tiaree got baptized. That was a very emotional experience. She is such a smart girl and knows so much about the gospel. Her little testimony is so strong. She decided for herself that she wanted to be baptized. She prayed and read her scriptures and learned all she could. It was such a nice experience. I bawled like a baby!! I just sat there and remembered the last time she was all in white. She was so tiny! She relied on us and was so helpless. Now she is strong and knowledgeable and she worked hard to do the right thing. I am so proud of her and her decision. I love you Tiaree!!

Well my next step is to get pictures of birthday, baptism and Boise up! I need to find them and get them off the camera's and then I'll post them here. Look for them later!

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Emily said...

Yea!!! A blog!! I was so happy to click on your link and see a blog from you! :) You have been up to lots lately! Hope your week is going good. Love ya! :)