Monday, April 7, 2008

Yuck, Yuck, Yuck!

I am so sick of the snow. It's snowing here....again. Winter just doesn't want to give up and I'm really tired of it. We've had so much snow and cold and I'm just ready for the weather to be nice. I want to open my windows and air out my house. I want to send my kids outside to play and not have them come back in 10 minutes later because they are cold. I want to live in St. George!! Good thing we are going there this weekend! It's going to be between 75 and 80 this weekend! I'm so excited to wear shorts and no jacket. We are going to go to Zions and hike and it's going to be nice and warm. I'm even looking forward to a little sweat! :) Anything but snow will be wonderful. It's going to be nice here this weekend too and I just hope it decides to stay nice from now on. I don't mind rain, we need rain. But the snow HAS TO STOP!!!!! It's depressing. I planted tulips and daffodils in the fall and I had my first actual flower show up yesterday. Now it's all droopy, right to the ground, from the snow.

Onto other unpleasantness. Wash is sick. I don't know what's wrong but last night we noticed that he isn't doing well. This is one of the reasons I didn't want an animal. I barely have money to pay for my kids doctor bills and now I have to pay to get him better. Grrr. Good thing I kinda like him!! :) And Tracy loves him and the kids love him and he really is a good dog. He is learning fast and listens most of the time and is so gentle around the kids. Keighlee absolutely adores him. So I guess we'll pay to get him better since we'd all be sad without him. Sad might be too strong a word for me......;)


Emily said...

I am ready for Spring too. We've been out planting trees this week. We bought a Red Maple for the back yard and a few pine trees. We are buying some Quakies for the back too - I love this time of year!!

Sorry to hear the dog is sick. That's not fun. Did you see our newest addition to the family? lol Jared is too cute. Anyway, love ya and *hugs*

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

I wish we still lived in St. George we could have seen you again. That would have been fun. I hope you had a great time.