Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter, Jarik's Birthday and Fun Visits

K so I started this entry like a week ago but we've had internet issues and it wouldn't let me publish it, so I'm trying again!!

So things have been going pretty well here. Easter was great. We really tried to help the kids understand the true reason for Easter and I think they found a new respect for it. I hate the Easter Bunny things, at least the way it is now days. I think the Easter Bunny bringing baskets and Easter morning is fine, but the whole sitting on his lap and trying to make him into another Santa is ridiculous. I love Santa and I don't think there is anything wrong with him. He is an old tradition and the giving aspect is great. Yeah, Christmas has been commercialized and gotten out of hand, but Santa is timeless. The Easter Bunny is just stupid. Easter is for the Resurrection of Christ, not to sit on some stupid Bunny's lap. Anyway, that's my tangent for the day :D I have some good pictures of the kids on Easter morning. Tracy is a good photographer!

So it was a good Easter!! Also last week Jarik turned 6. I can't believe he's that old. I still remember all the stress of having him in the hospital and going up every day and sitting with him and willing him to get better. I remember laying in my hospital bed after they took him from me and just crying and praying that he'd be able to breathe on his own. And now he is 6 and doing so well! He is healthy and strong. He has attitude but I can deal with that! He is my little man and I am so glad I got at least one!! Here is a picture from his party with his friends:

We did a Transformers party and this picture is of them after they went on a scavenger hunt for the Allspark. I made the Allspark and I was pretty pleased with myself. I took a box and stuffed it with their little treat bags and then I covered it with foil and drew funky lines and shapes on it. I think it turned out cool:

Then after Jarik's birthday, well actually on his birthday, by best friend from Idaho came to visit. We didn't have nearly enough time together so I'm going up to Boise the weekend the kids get off track again. I miss Katie so bad! She is an awesome friend! Her daughter and Tiaree are a year apart. Her and Jarik are like 8 months apart. She's a cute girl and Tiaree loves her. She goes "she's my best friend from when I was a baby. I used to give her hugs and smash her", which she did. Katie lived in the apartment under us when we went to USU. Katie would help watch Tiaree while I was in class and I'd watch Kylie while she was in class. We used to go to Walmart and get french bread just to eat the whole loaf by ourselves!! Even after not living by each other for 6 years, it's like no time has passed. We pick right up where we left off. I can tell the girl anything! I just wish we lived closer, a 6 hour drive to visit can't be done too often so that bites!

Anyway, it's been a good couple of weeks. I'm looking so forward to Conference this weekend! I love conference. We have 2 tickets to the Sunday morning session and I might go and take Tiaree with me. I think that would be fun. Then next weekend we get to go to St. George. Then the weekend after is Tiaree's birthday, then we get to go to Boise the weekend after, then the first weekend in May Tiaree gets baptized! This next month is going to just fly by!! Have a good day y'all!!


Nicole said...

Rude no comment on his favorite and aunt and cousins going with him to chuck-e-cheese! I see how ya are!! haha jk

Chels said...

You know, that was such a crazy week I actually forgot about Chuck-e-Cheese!! Of course that was the highlight! ;)

Emily said...

Very cute photos! Loved the matching dresses too! I am glad Jarik had a fun birthday!!

Emily said...

P.S. I hope you have fun in Idaho! I am sure it will be a blast for you to get away for a bit!!