Wednesday, March 19, 2008


So I'm sitting here at 10:22 at night waiting and trying to be patient. I'm waiting for a forum that I'm a part of to go back up because there are certain threads that I'm dying to read! Now before I sound like I am too much of a loser, I have to say that I'm not alone in this obsession of mine (which I'll get to in a minute). When I last checked at about 5 this evening, there were 2,255 members on this forum. Now this forum has rules too: you have to be over 25 (or married) and you really should be a mom. This forum is called Twilight Moms and it is dedicated to all the moms out there who absolutely love the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. I proudly fit into all those categories! I read these books for the first time at the end of January. I had all 3 books read in 4 days. The only reason it took 4 days was because I had to stop for 1/2 day to teach preschool! I re-read them all like 2 weeks later and I'm now into re-read number 3. These books are awesome. They are well-written and I can't say enough to praise SM and her brilliancy. Now some people might say I won't read those books because they are "sci-fi", but they aren't. The series is a love story. A powerful, all consuming love story, that just happens to have a vampire as the lead character. A sexy, dazzling, gorgeous vampire named Edward. There are also some werewolves thrown in starting in book 2! (Then we get a love triangle!)

So recently I was chatting with some of my new-found TM's and we were trying to decide why we are to infatuated with these books. We decided on a few universal things:
1) We are all romantics. We love romantic movies, stories, books etc., and Twilight is a romance of the highest degree.
2) We are "feelers". We feel, very acutely, what we read or see. This is why I can't watch most horror movies. I feel the terror they do. I get the sweaty palms, the rapid heartbeat. We watched Disturbia the other night (awesome movie) and that is how I felt. I was nervous and shaking.
3) It's funny because most of us are big Jane Austen fans. Now for some reason I had never read Jane Austen's work until my sister-in-law lent me Pride and Prejudice. (Thanks so much Ems!!) I devoured it. Such an awesome book. I just went out, or actually sent Tracy out, last night to Barnes and Noble to buy me Sense and Sensibility and he bought the complete works of Jane Austen. I am so stoked. Anyway, we decided that if you like Jane Austen you will like Twilight. Out of the, I don't know how many, responses on that thread, liking JA was in the overwhelming majority.
4) Most of us are married to wonderful men, and those who aren't are still hoping to find that kind of love. It's the true love thing. We have true love in our lives and we are so lucky. Reading these books has reminded us about the feelings we had when we fell oh so hard for our hubbies. I know it's made me more appreciative of Tracy, even if he doesn't realize it and most especially since he thinks I'm stark raving mad!!

(side note: it's 10:52. It's been 30 minutes and the forum is still undergoing maintenance. AAAGGGHHH! I might have to go to bed and get my fix in the morning, in between getting ready for preschool!)

So those are my justifications for why I just can't get enough of Edward and Bella and the whole Twilight scene. These books were intended for the YA audience but they have sure got a hold of the "older" generation! I think the teens like them so much because they haven't experienced "true love" yet and it's something they can look forward to. The books have done so well that they are making a movie of it. It will be out on December 12th. I'll be one of the first in line, along with my faithful TM buddies! :D hehe We have some awesome insights on the forum about the making of the movie and it's a blast to catch up on what's happening. I've never been a "stalker" of websites like I am with this now, and it's really great to know that I'm not loosing it, that there are at least 2,000 other moms as fanatic as me!


Melony said...

Ok..I think you are bordering on a little crazy with this Twilight thing..LOL My daughter read and loved all three books....And, yes. It does seem that we have very similar taste in music. I got that from Tracy's blog...I like to read blogs! What can I say? :D

Emily said...

It sounds like you have a fun thing to get interested in! I am glad you are liking Jane Austen too. She is just wonderful! Hugs and love you!