Monday, May 19, 2008

Such a fun Saturday

So on Saturday I got to go hang out with some of my favorite people all day! I went and spent the day at Highland High surrounded by other Stephenie Meyer fans. We were there for a book signing for Stephenie's new book The Host. It's such an awesome book! I got to have her sign a couple of my books and I got to say hi for like 2 seconds. It was great. I loved meeting her but I also loved hanging with my TM's. They are some awesome ladies and I've made such good friendships through I've never had such an easy time making friends. I think it's because the springboard is there. We all love everything Twilight and so we already have things in common. After we get all things vampire out of our systems, we can talk for hours of everything else under the sun. I've never felt really at ease in a big group, I've always felt kind of shy and backwards, but Saturday I felt so comfortable. I was able to talk to anyone and have a good conversation. It was so fun! I guess it's the sense of belonging that I love. I've never had girl friends. Ever. When I make really, really good friendships they tend to move out of state! LOL Maybe I scare people! Anyway.... to have girl friends that I can call and hang out with is awesome. I can't tell you how excited I am to do more hanging out!!! So to all the TM's out there: I love you guys!! Oh and I love Stephenie Meyer for being the catalyst for our obsession! Here are some pics:

The TM's at the begining of the event, we probably doubled in size at the next picture but I didn't get one!

Pam, Me, Amy, Heidi,(Heidi's sister)
Tami, Summer, Amie and Laura

The Beautiful Stephenie Meyer


The 3 AJs said...

YAY for the Twilight Moms! I was just looking on your Myspace and found this link. This is Amy by the way. Saturday was so fun and I had such a great time getting to know you. We need to hang out again soon!

Amie & Karl said...

I am so gald I got to meet you I am so glad you found my blog. this is Amie

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