Wednesday, January 9, 2008


So I just read a blog I did on myspace, and I was talking all about Tiaree and how wonderfully she was doing at school last year. It was last April and I'd just had a parent teacher conference and was told that she was reading at a 3rd grade level and would probably be reading at a 5th grade level by the end of the year. She was a leader and a well rounded 1st grader, excelling at every subject. Well she did get better and she was reading at 5th grade level when she left 1st grade. This year is a different story. I don't like her teacher. She seems nice enough but she is just not getting the results out of Tiaree like I saw last year. I've told her that spelling is too easy and asked if there was a way to make them harder and she sent home a harder list but it's still cake for her. Also this teacher will punish the whole class when a few children misbehave. I do not believe in that. Especially since it keeps happening. Those few kids are obviously not getting the picture. They need to be punished separately. Tiaree comes home so sad cause they missed library, or computers, or something else cause "the boys" were being bad again. It's so frustrating to me. I'd take her out but I have no where to put her. I guess I could try to get her into another school, but it's halfway through the year and I don't know that she could go now. Maybe I'll look into it. But then Jarik would be alone. He is doing really, really well. I absolutely love his teacher! She is new and young and has so much energy. Jarik is just speeding along as well. I had to send a note to his teacher today telling her that the weekly book he was sent home with was too easy for him. He is just as smart as Tiaree and it makes me so happy! Anyway, back to the Tiaree dilemma, I guess I'll just have to have a talk with her teacher. I am kind of afraid to do that, not because I'm scared of her teacher, but because I'm shy and that is something totally hard for me to do. As for her academics, I've been trying to supplement at home. She is just devouring books I give her, and books she gets at the library at school and she is working on math facts at home with flashcards and stuff. I might have to make up spelling lists for her too, just to challenge her at home. I don't want her to fall or stagnate. She was so happy last year and her mind was just growing so much and this year she doesn't like school as much and I'm afraid she will loose that love she found last year. Anyway, these are my frustrations, as well as my proud mommy moments with Jarik. I'm off to exercise! Have a wonderful day!

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