Friday, December 7, 2007


Well it's been 2 months since my last post. I thought I'd write more on this but I guess not. Anyway, in October Tracy and I went to San Francisco. What a fun trip! I'd never been to California and I hadn't flown since I was a senior in high school. The flying was a blast and California was so much fun. We just spent time at Fishermans Warf, The Golden Gate Bridge, Crissy Fields, Coit Tower, and Alcatraz. We also went to a 49ers game, but the 9ers forgot to show up! It was so much fun and it was soo nice to get away just him and I. We did it to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, which was November 7th. I loved being away but I was ready to get back home to the kids. We came back and things were crazy from then on. We had Halloween and I had preschool and then we had Thanksgiving and then we went on a nice long family vacation. 10 days! It was fun. We just went down to St. George. We went on Thanksgiving and had dinner with my family in the condo. That was so much fun! We hung out and ate and talked and it was a blast. My brothers and sister were there until Sunday and my parents till Tuesday. On Friday we went to Snow Canyon and hiked to the lava caves. Dad and Tracy and Erik and Jared and Emily and Caitlin went down inside. Ali tried but got really claustrophobic. Mom and I ended up taking the kids all back to the car. There was a nasty North wind and they were all freezing. We went back with Jared and Ems and hiked down the dark. That was so cool! It was fun hanging out with them without the kids. On Saturday we went to Red Cliffs and hiked with everyone and then Jared and Ems, Erik and Ali and Tracy and I went to Skyline Drive and "looked for ghosts". It was fun. We just went up around midnight and walked around in the dark. That place is kind of eerie in the dark!
On Monday we went to Vegas with mom and dad for the day. Tiaree and Keighlee got their ears pierced. They are so cute! We just walked around the factory stores there and said hi to Santa really fast. Mom and Dad headed back to St. George and we went to the Mirage. We were able to see dolphins there. They have a 5 month old baby dolphin. It was really cool. They have underwater viewing and everything. Then we were able to see lions and tigers and jaguars and bobcats and llamas. It was cool. The big white tiger was grumpy and kept roaring. Very loud. After that, we went to our friends' Kollen and Adams house for dinner. They used to live here and we got to be really good friends. Then they moved to St. George and we'd go visit them when we'd visit Diane and Bob. Now they've moved to Vegas so it's going to be even harder to see them! But it was such a nice visit and we had a lot of fun. The kids had a blast playing and they all crashed on the way back. Tuesday we just hung around the condo, did a little shopping and mom and dad left. On Wednesday we went to Zions for the day. That was fun. We did a lot of geocaching on the way back. Thursday we went to a movie with Diane. We saw Enchanted, very cute! On Friday we did some more geocaching. We went to the new Sand Hallow State Park. That place is definitely someplace we will have to go in the warmer weather. It started to rain on us but that was fun too. We went swimming that night and then on Saturday we swam some more and did more geocaching. Tracy got to 100 caches while we were down there! Yay for him! Sunday we got up early and got home. We were very ready by then. This week has just been playing catch up with laundry and house and all that fun stuff.
It's raining right now. We missed the first big snow storm of the year so that was a bummer. And now it's all melted. I'm hoping the rain turns to snow today. That would be fun. I think tonight we are going to go look for a real Christmas tree for the front room. We haven't had a real tree for years. They are fun to have. We have most of our Christmas stuff up and I'm so excited, but also so stressed. I figured out that there are only like 17 more days left until Christmas Eve. I don't have anything done. No shopping lists or anything. I need to get going on it, but I also have to do preschool stuff. That seems to take a lot of my time. I think I might buy a program that I don't have to make up lessons for. But we'll see. We are having Tracy's side over here for Christmas and we are doing it early because Diane and Bob can't come up for Christmas. So that's another thing we are working on, getting the house ready for company. So this month is going to fly by and I'm afraid if I don't get organized and on the ball, I won't enjoy it. I guess I better get going then and stop writing on here!

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