Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ho Hum

So Tracy just called and is in Florida. They are heading to dinner. He's been gone for 8 whopping hours and I'm already lonely. It just kind of hit hard a few minutes ago. I think it might have been because General Conference ended and this is the first General Conference Sunday in 10 years that we didn't watch it together. Kind of weird. I guess I miss him so much cause things don't feel right. I'm usually ok when he leaves. I miss him but I'm ok, I just do what I need to do and actually I seem to accomplish more! Weird huh?! Already today I've straightened my house, made a batch of homemade bread, finished outlining a weeks worth of lesson plans and measured and cut a row of planks for the floor downstairs. That's a lot for me, I think Tracy is a distraction! hehe A good distraction! When he is home all I want to do is spend time with him and the kids. I don't want to clean or do chores or have any responsibility! I think I might even make dessert today. I seem to have the time!

General Conference was good. Everything that was said spoke to my heart. I was uplifted and taught, as always. It's funny because so many of the talks centered on issues that have been coming up in my life lately. A prophet of God and His Apostles testified of the truth today and it was so wonderful! I haven't had my faith shaken by these issues, but I've been upset that people would think certain things so contrary to what I believe and that they'd criticize what I know to be true with such negativity. I was able to have questions that have been posed to me answered more eloquently than I could ever answer. It's what I believe but put much nicer! I just hope I can remember what was said so I can use it when these issues come up again.

The kids have been pretty good today. Their rooms are trashed but that's nothing new! It will be very interesting to see who is the little piggy when it comes to the girls. Once they each have their own rooms, the question will be answered. Of course each blames the other for the mess and claims to not have played in the rooms at all. Time will tell who is really making such huge messes!

Well I'm going to start on dinner and find something yummy and gooey to make for dessert! I hope the rest of the week goes well with Tracy being gone. Wish me luck!

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