Monday, August 2, 2010


We got to take the best vacation this summer! We went to Island Park and Yellowstone for 5 days. It was so much fun! We were able to go with my mom and dad, Cait and Sam and Erik and Ali. We missed Jared and Ems though :( But man did we have a fun trip. We left on Monday and drove through Idaho Falls and Rexburg. We got to see the temples there.

Tuesday we headed into Yellowstone for the day. We got to see the Upper and Lower Falls, Yellowstone Lake and a bunch of different hot pots and mud pots. We got to Old Faithful about 10 minutes after it had gone off. It was sunset by this time and just beautiful! But there was also a fire and so the air was smoky and there was ash falling on us. It was beautiful to see the sun setting through the smoke though! We finally made it home at like 11. It was such a fun day though!!

Wednesday we relaxed and went on a hike along the Henry's Fork of the Snake River. It was gorgeous!! The water was calm and it was so quiet! It was a 3 mile round trip walk and we got to see the calm river turn into rapids. It was amazing the difference in the sound. Quiet and calm to raging and loud! There had been a sighting of a mother moose and her calf on the trail so we were all being extra watchful!

Thursday we went to Quake Lake. We could have skipped that :D It was pretty boring but still pretty. After Quake Lake we went back into Yellowstone and headed to the Mammoth Hot Springs. They were actually kinda disappointing too. There was no water running through them so it wasn't as cool as it usually is. We got to have yummy ice cream though and it was just a nice day.

Friday we packed up and headed back to Yellowstone on our way to Jackson Hole. We stopped at Old Faithful and were just in time to see it go off. Love it! It's pretty amazing!! Then we took the drive down to Jackson. It was beautiful, especially when we got to the Tetons. They are breathtaking! We stopped at Jackson Lake and the boys and Cait and Ali all got in the lake for a few minutes! It was fun to watch them!! That night we got to go to the BarJ Chuckwagon for dinner and a show. It was so fun and the Wranglers were so entertaining. We were laughing pretty hard and the songs they sang and played were fun. The fiddler is awesome and one guy can yodel like no other!!

Saturday we got up and went swimming before hitting the 7.5 hour drive home. That was the worst part!! It was so annoying! But we made it home and we had a wonderful vacation!!! I wish I could go back :D


dlkenney said...

I love Island Park, I lived there for 6 months after graduating from high school. I need to plan a vacation to take my kids to yellowstone, they have never been. Looks like a lot of fun.

Tracy said...

Jarik was so crabby at dinner, well until he ate, then he was better. Hence the funny look in the picture above.

Tori said...

This looks like you had soooo much fun. One day we will go on vacation.

Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

I miss Yellowstones. :(