Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My sickness and the kids back in school

So this summer really flew by! We got out the 2nd week in June and went back the last week in July. Usually we are all ready to go back, we've partied hard and want the routine again (at least I do!) This summer we had our Yellowstone trip but didn't do much else. I was really sick all summer and by the time we found out what was wrong, the kids were back in school. Thank goodness for off track time I guess :) So I had severe stomach pains all summer. I went to the Dr in June and they gave me Prilosec. Didn't really help. I called after our Yellowstone trip to see a specialist. They wanted me to wait until the end of August. I said no! :) They got me in the first week of August. I had to have a CAT scan and they found out I had a perforated small intestine. Yep, it was as painful as it sounds. I got on 2 hefty anti-biotics and finally started feeling better. Now the pain is all gone but I am fighting fatigue. They found that I was anemic so I'm trying to up my iron intake. They gave me pills but every time I've taken them I'd have stomach pains again. I don't think it's worth it to re-injure myself for iron, so I'm just trying to eat as much iron rich food as I can find! I'm really starting to feel like myself again! Crossing my fingers that I don't have any relapses!

My three oldest all went back to school on July 26th. They were so excited and they all love school so far! Tiaree started 5th grade (gasp), Jarik started 3rd grade and Bree started 1st grade. It's different having them all gone all day. Keighlee enjoys the "us" time in the morning but by lunch time she is asking when the kids are coming home! It's nice to be back in the routine and have the kids learning so much. They are all doing so well already. Bree is taking off on reading. Jarik is a whiz at pretty much anything he does. Tiaree is a little read-a-holic. Seriously the girl could read all day if she had the time! She takes after me that way :)

Keighlee is such a ham! We start preschool again next week and she is so excited! She loves that she gets to be a big kid now. She says the silliest things. One that I remember really well and that I still laugh at was said on the way to the doctors. I had just found out the results of my CAT scan and had to go get blood work done and get my prescrips. So we are driving and pass a Taco Bell. She goes "Mom, when I was in your tummy did you eat tacos?" "I'm sure I did". "You did. I remember. And when you ate tacos I got tacos in my tummy too cause when I was in your tummy I went like this" and she proceeded to tip her head back and open her mouth as wide as she could! Cute little stinker! She makes me laugh every day!

Well here are some pics of the first day of school:

And here is a pic of Keighlee and her silliness. She was putting stickers on Daddy's bum while he slept!!:


Ku'uipo said...

Such beautiful kids. I'm glad that you found out the problem. I too am anemeic and iron pills make me sick too. Hope you recover and get 100% soon! You're such a good mama...keep it up!

Kristy said...

So fun! Hey we have some iron drops if you want to try them to see if they are better than pills let me know if you would like them :o)