Monday, April 5, 2010

Jarik's Birthday and an early Easter

Blowing out the candles
On March 27th, my Jarik turned 8! I still can't believe he is that old! Jarik decided that he wanted a late night/sleepover party. We had a bunch of friends from the neighborhood come over on Friday night. We had pizza and ice cream and cake. They watched Planet 51 and played the Wii. Most kids went home around 10:30 but one boy got to spend the night and another friend came back early Saturday for breakfast. I think Jarik had a blast and enjoyed having so many friends over!
Zack gave him Legos

Trevor gave him Nerf swords
Daniel gave him a Nerf football

Ethan also gave him Legos
Nick gave him a launcher
On Saturday we got to go to a primary activity and then we took Jarik out to lunch at Red Robin. I usually dread going to restaurants with my family. The kids usually end up being embarrassingly loud and obnoxious! But I left feeling happy and we had a really fun time!

Sunday we had our Easter celebration with my family. With Conference being on Easter this year, my mom couldn't sing all day and then put on a big Easter dinner, so we did it early! We had wonderful food and the kids had a blast on an Easter egg hunt. We also celebrated Jarik and Mom's birthdays that day. It's fun having them have their birthday's so close!
Jarik, Bree, Tiaree, Alyssa, Keighlee and Colette getting ready to hunt eggs!
Jarik and Grammy blowing the candles on the Easter Bunny cake

Monday night we had Tracy's family over for cake and ice cream for Jarik. It was nice to visit with them and for the kids to play with their cousins. They love having time with cousins and we don't get the together enough any more!

More candle blowing with Kyli and Justin looking on
Next up is Parent Day at dance for Tiaree and Bree!

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