Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and Conference Weekend

This past Easter/Conference weekend was so nice! Even though it was cold and snowy, it was so nice to listen to conference and spend time with family. On Saturday we scrubbed the house and then we colored eggs. It's always so much fun to color Easter eggs. The kids love it, Tracy and I love it and we all have fun! Sunday Jarik and Tracy went to the morning session of Conference. This conference was my Dad's last one singing with the choir. Since Jarik just turned 8, he had the opportunity to go to a Conference where both his grandparents sang. Tiaree and Jarik will be the only grandkids that were old enough to see them both live. The other grandkids will get to see Grammy, but not Papa. Except Keighlee, I don't think she'll get to see either one live. I can't remember for sure though :D Anyway, they got up early and left so that left the girls and I to find Easter eggs and baskets. It was a lot of fun for them! At our house, the Easter bunny hides the eggs we colored the night before, so if the kids want breakfast, they'll find all the eggs! The girls did a good job of finding them and then we had a yummy breakfast of eggs and cinnamon sugar toast. The girls re-hid about 5 eggs when Jarik was on the way home so he could find eggs and his basket too. It worked out really well and everyone had fun! I just did a slide show because it's easier than putting a lot of pictures in one at a time!

After Conference, we got to feed my parents. I love being able to serve them after they've sung all day. They are usually exhausted and the last thing they need to do is worry about dinner! It's become a tradition and I absolutely love being able to do it. It's always fun hearing their little stories about what happened during conference, even though we always tease them about "choir humor". It's one of those "you had to be there" things but they laugh and laugh! It was a really nice weekend and I always feel a little sad when it's over.

Jarik gets baptized this weekend and Tiaree turns 10 in 2 weeks. She also gets to participate in the District Science Fair and is so excited about that. I'll keep you posted! I'm also going to post about Jarik's birthday and the girls' parent days so keep reading! Oh, and Tiaree's science fair and why she is going to district!

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