Thursday, June 18, 2009

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend started out ok, then got rainy and cold, then cleared up nicely!! We put the tent up in the back yard and slept outside on Friday night. Our thought was to sleep out all weekend, but the rain put a damper on that. Saturday night we played softball with Tracy's family. It was fun. Sunday we went to my Moms and BBQ'd in the rain. We watched old family videos. It was so fun to see us all little! Monday morning we went up to Mueller park and had an early morning breakfast. It was yummy and the sun came out and it was really nice! After breakfast we ran home and got showered and then went out to Tooele to Jared's house. We went fishing for about an hour then went over there and had pizza. We played in the park and had a really relaxing time. It was a nice Memorial Day.

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