Friday, January 16, 2009

I know, I know

I know it's been a month since I posted and part of that is because it's been busy and part of it is just me being lazy! We had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. We had a great Christmas Eve dinner and Tracy's grandparents with his whole family, aunts, uncles, cousins, everyone! It was really fun. We got home and the kids were so excited to get their present and they all loved their new jammies. Christmas morning came and we made the kids stay in bed until 7. As soon as it was time we started the present frenzy! It was a lot of fun and everyone loved their gifts. The biggest thing we got was a Wii and that has been so much fun! It's also been a lifsaver on the longest off track time ever! Christmas day we had a blizzard. It was crazy how much snow we got. My in-laws plowed their way over for a breakfast of cinnnamon rolls, bagels, oj and hot chocolate. It was yummy! It was fun to watch the snow fall and being nice and cozy inside. Finally about 11 we had to venture out to visit and have yummy lunch and dinner. Tracy had to shovel about 2 feet from the driveway before we could even get out of the driveway! It had pretty much stopped snowing by then but the roads hadn't really been plowed. We actually followed a plow down our street. Funny story. The plow stopped at the end of the street and backed up to come back up the other side. Well at the bottom, some hot shot in a little short sports car decided that it didn't want to wait for the plow to turn around, and sped around it. Well we saw it start to go around the plow, but it never came around the other side! When the plow moved, this guy was stuck in the snow bumper deep! We laughed pretty hard, he got out and yelled at the plow, like it was it's fault and we drove on. Tracy was going to get out and help but another plow was coming down behind us. We had a good laugh about that one.

After lunch with Tracy's family, we headed to my mom's for dinner. It was a nice day visiting and spending time with each other. We headed out as soon as more snow started to fall. As it was, it took us about 20 minutes to get home when it normally takes us under 10. We got home and the kids played with their new toys and Tracy and I played the Wii. It was a wonderful Christmas!

For New Years we had some friends and my parents over and we played games and ate yummy snacks. When every ones little kids had enough, they left and we spent the rest of the night just hanging out. 3 of our 4 actually made it to midnight! We all had sparkling cider in "fancy" cups and we went outside and yelled at midnight. New Years Day we went to Olive Garden with my family. My brothers, sister, parents, nieces and all significant others. It was a fun time. Oh!! My sister got engaged 2 days before Christmas! So that's way exciting!

Our holiday's were so much fun, we were so busy and I really felt the spirit of the season this year. We had a small Christmas but it was nice to be able to keep is small and focus on Christ. Since then our family has just been dealing! The kids have been off track so it's been a little crazy. We will have been off for 5 1/2 weeks. I wasn't ready for them to go back right after Christmas, but with a week and a 1/2 left, I'm ready now! It will be good to be able to really get back to schedules and routines. We have new chore charts that we've been working on this week and when we go back, we'll really be buckling down on chores and helping around the house. Anyway, I don't think I have much left to say. I'll try to post more, I don't know what about, maybe just my ramblings which will bore the crap out of you!! :) haha

Here is a slide show of our Christmas. I got a new camera from Santa so that was fun!


heather said...

Cute cute kids...I love how you said you have "just been dealing!" Hoping I can make it to the movie night!

Chels said...

I hope you can make it to movie night too!! And dealing is about all I can say about what I do! haha

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

Oh that sounds like you had such a great time.

Dani,Jesi,Taylor,Amanda and Ashlee said...

Looks like you had a great christmas, I can't belive how big your kids are. Its so fun to see them at the age we were so long ago.