Monday, January 26, 2009

Good Start

Well I'm off to a good start today. I exercised!! Yay!! Thanks to everyone for the motivating words. It's all in my attitude if I'm going to do this. There is aerobics at the ward 3 days a week that I could go to (thanks Tori for reminding me!) but during off track time, I'm not taking 5 kids down there! I babysit the little boy across the street after school and during off track and 5 kids is more than I like to impose on people! Maybe I'll start going to the church again on Wednesday when the kids go back on track (a fact which thrills me to the core). But today is starting out great. We have no goodies or snacks for me to fall victim to, so that's a bonus too. I have a ton to still do today though so I'm off to tackle the list. I'm writing the list down so I can remember, maybe I'll try to be tricky and cross them off of here when I get them done! Ok, so I can't figure out how to cross things out but I will change the color when I get it done!

Put laundry away
Vacuum upstairs
Sweep and mop kitchen
Prepare preschool lessons
Prepare FHE
Sam's Club
Get the kids to clean their mess in the basement
Girls to dance
Fix dinner-Tracy did this since I was busy running the girls back and forth to dance. Thanks hun, love you!!

A pretty good list, but I think it's manageable!! Thanks again for the motivation everyone!!


Amie and Karl said...

I worked out today also it felt great I have no idea why I don’t it just happens that I get busy and don’t get it done but as for sweets I have those in the house so bad me
I hope you get your to do list done
I hope to see you soon

Emily said...

I find writing it down helps too! I have to do that each day of my priorities I want to get done for the day! :)

Jaimie said...

You go girl!

Tori said...

Way to go. They didn't have aerobics today due to some sickness, but are going to try to have it on Wednesday. Please come join us. It will be fun.

heather said...

YAY! You did it! There is a really cool FHE lesson blog my friend found us, you'll have to check it out.