Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun Video

So other things have been happening in my life this past month besides Breaking Dawn and movie trailers! We went to East Canyon for a family reunion with Tracy's family over the 24th of July. It was so much fun! I'll blog more about that later I'm sure. Maybe I can make a slide show for that too. I like slide shows. They are fun! Anyway, my brother-in-law took video of us swimming up there. We were all trying to jump in the pool and stay afloat on various large floating toys. He edited them all together and made a really fun video of it. Y'all should check it out! Jarik and Tracy are on there a lot, along with Tracy's sis Nicole. I'm on it once (thank heavens only once) and Tiaree is on there a couple times. My mother-in-law is on it once at the end and my sister-in-law is on it once. My nephew does it a couple times and who else...oh yeah, Tracy's cousins other half Casey is on there once. Anyway, like you really care who alls on there! LOL Enjoy the show, we had so much fun!!

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kandi said...

Oh my gosh...that was hilarious!!! Looks like you guys had so much fun!