Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've been tagged

Emily tagged me this morning! I haven't done this in a while so here I go. I am supposed to write about my 5 favorite things. This may take a while, I don't know if I can narrow it down to just 5!! Here it goes:

1) I love to read! If I don't have a book to read I feel lost! I pride myself on loving all kinds of literature. I love sci-fi, fantasy, horror, romance, the classics like Jane Austen and Lucy Maud Montgomery, young adult stuff, adult stuff. If someone recommends a book to me I will give it a try! If I really like a book, I will read it over and over and over. I've read the Harry Potter's multiple times, the Twilight Saga (AAAGGGHH, new book in 15 days!!) multiple times, the Ender series multiple times, LOTR's multiple times, and the Wheel of Time series multiple times. Books are my escape!

2) I absolutely love being a stay at home mom and all that it entails! I love spending time with my kids and being able to be here when they get home from school. I actually do love keeping my house nice, even if I let it go when I get into a good book! LOL! I don't mind cleaning but I have to be in the mood and have the music blaring! Being a mom brings me the greatest joy!

3) I love playing games. It started with card games and yahtzee and has grown to include Rock Band, Guitar Hero and SingStar! I love the way playing games brings people together. I love playing a card game and just laughing till my sides hurt from the conversations. I love singing and playing the instruments and how much fun that can be. I love how friends get together and just relax when we play games. It such a stress reliever!

4) I love being outside, especially in the mountains. This is my favorite thing about summer. I love camping and hiking. I love a good camp fire. I love the dark in the mountains at night. I love the sounds of nature especially the sounds of water running in a stream or river. I love hiking and seeing beautiful sights at the end of a long hike. I especially love the nature of Utah, I love that we have beautiful mountains in the north and I love the red rock vistas of the south. I love the lakes and the rivers. I live in such a beautiful state!

5) I love the Gospel. I love the peace that it gives me. I love the guidance I get when I listen to the prophet and when I read the scriptures. I love the unity I feel with the other members of the Church. I love that I can get answers to prayers, no matter how small or insignificant I might feel my problem is, I know I will get help with it through prayer. My testimony is what leads and directs me in every aspect of my life and I love that I have a guide to help me through this life.

I have a very blessed life and I want to thank Ems for having me do this. It was fun and it made me realize how lucky I am! Thanks Ems! Now I tag: Heidi, Amy, Becky, Melony and Kollen!

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