Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Fever

It's been a very nice day today. I got the flu last night and I felt so yucky. I was dizzy and had an upset stomach. But luckily I felt better today. We went outside for a while and played with the dog. He is so big! It's amazing. He is so gentle too. He just ran next to the kids and played with them without knocking them over and stuff. He is cute. We put the trampoline back up today too. It's going to be great to kick the kids outside and let them burn energy running and jumping. They are too wound up now, they need spring as much as I do! I love the sunshine and that I can go outside with just a jacket on. I loved standing in the sun today and feeling the warmth on my skin. It was kind of weak, but it was a start!

It's been a good week though. I've been getting a lot done and have been able to spend some time indulging in some "me stuff". I've been reading some books that I absolutely LOVE!! It's the Twilight series, and I'm sure you've heard of it. They are so well written and I've just loved reading them and getting to know them. They are the "chic-flick" of books! I've been reading reviews and opinions of so many people out there and it's been so much fun. I recommend them to any women, or men, out there who need a good love story! I guess I'm a little obsessed!

Keighlee is suddenly talking in sentences. It's crazy! She is such a talker, she talks more than my other kids did at her age. She talks more than any kids her age talk too. I can understand most of what she says. It's nice because I can ask her questions and know what she wants. It's quite a relief to not have to guess.

Jarik got an award in school yesterday. It's the Excellent Eagle award. I guess it's just something that the kids get if they are caught being good. He was so proud. I'm proud! He loves school and he loves learning and he is learning so quickly! He is so smart!

Tiaree is reading Harry Potter. She is 3/4 of the way through the 3rd book. And she understands everything that she reads. That is something that is so important. I think that's one reason to not push kids to read. I think that if they start to read too much too early, they just learn the phonics of it, and they can read all the words, they can read any word, but they have no clue what the story is about or how to comprehend it. Tiaree is reading well above grade level but I let her because she does understand everything she reads!

Bree is doing good in preschool. She knows how to spell her name now. She is getting better and better with her fine motor skills too. She is going to be writing in no time! I am so proud of how much she is progressing. She is talking better too. She used to be so hard to understand but now she can annunciate and speak so clearly.

My kids are all doing so well and I am a very proud mommy! Tracy is doing good too. Just working hard. We are both still working on getting in shape for the 5K, it's only about 5 weeks away now. Most days when I'm done running I don't know how I'm going to make it, but I keep pushing. Hopefully I'll get there! Have a wonderful night and don't forget about Daylight Savings tonight!

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