Thursday, February 28, 2008

No More Mice

Just a quick update. Tracy got both mice. Thank heavens. I was worried about opening the back door cause I didn't want them to sneak in! He got the first one Tuesday night, he actually accidentally killed it. He wanted to just catch it and set it free in a field. He's nice like that. But it died! It was gross. He got the other one last night and was able to set it free. I hope that's all of them. We haven't seen any others so we might be ok. We are going to check the yard Saturday to see if we can find where they were living and get rid of it. But good news here!!


Emily said...

Mice are little stinkers! They are so hard to catch and find. I remember this one time Jared and I had chased a mouse into our living room and I caught in a box and had the top down. Jared wanted me to look inside and I told him mice can climb - but I did it anyway. The mouse sure did climb and jumped out of the box and back away where we couldn't catch him! It was quite funny! Glad you caught them though. Mice sure are cute, but you sure don't want them in your home. Have a great day! love ya!

Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

I'm glad you got the mice. I hear cats are good for getting mice although I'm not sure the dog will like it.

Melony said...

Hey Chelsea..I just found your blog off Nicole's...hope you don't mind that I visit it....feel free to read mine had one summer, our first in this house that there were so many in our house I thought I was going crazy. WE hate cats but we got 2. They were only outside cats and we haven't had mice since ;)