Thursday, February 14, 2008

Humongus Snow Storm

Here are a few pictures of the snow from yesterday and last night. The snow started at about 3 and I don't think it stopped until like 5 am. It was crazy! The wind was howling the whole time so we have some giant drifts in the neighborhood. I went to my neighbors yard to get Bree unstuck and sank up to my thigh. And yesterday morning you could see the grass. It's so crazy! The first pic is of Tairee, Jarik and Bree playing on one of the big drifts in the front yard. The second one is of the snow drifting off my neighbor's house. Very cool looking. The third one is of the snow in my neighbors yard. So deep! He has a giant snowblower that just ate through all that snow. It was fun watching him just go at it! Our friend came up with his snowblower but it's not as big and at one point the snow covered his blower! He is like 6'5" and the snow was up to his waist. We won't go another winter without a snow blower. We've made that decision after this winter!

I'm glad my kids are off track. Yesterday the bus that would have brought Tiaree home slid off the road. It got the kids home an hour or so late, after being towed out. In Utah County, around Lehi and Saratoga Springs, there were buses stuck for hours. Also buses turned around and took kids back to schools there and there were some kids stuck at school all night! I think this was one of the worst storms we've ever had. It was blizzard conditions all night. Now it is sunny and very beautiful. As sick as I am of the snow, it is gorgeous when everything is fresh and white and glistening in the sun! And this weekend it will warm back up to the mid 40's so the snow will eventually start to melt. It'll just take a while with how deep it is. Stay safe all you in Utah! And keep warm.


Adam and Kollen Marchant Family said...

Wow, I can't believe all of that snow that's amazing. I'm so glad I don't live in it.

Hey, You've just been tagged. Go to my blog copy the questions and put in your own answers and post on your blog. Have fun.

Emily said...

I can't believe how much snow you guys got up there! It's crazy! We got a lot of snow, but the wind whips it around too much and leaves huge snow drifts. It looks like it was fun to play in though! :)