Monday, April 5, 2010

Tiaree's Science Fair

So this year Tiaree had to do a science fair project. She decided what she wanted to do and it sounded really interesting. We were going to try to make sedimentary rock. We took different samples of dirt/sand/rocks from the yard and mixed them together. Then we put the mixture into 3 different bottles and added water. We shook the bottles and mixed everything up and then left them alone for the dirt to settle and the water to evaporate. We were supposed to be able to see layers when we cut the bottles in half, but all that happened with her is they crumbled. I thought, that's ok, we tried and it didn't work. So she took all her stuff to school and her teacher judged them. Her teacher chose 5 kids from her class to compete with the whole 4th grade and Tiaree was chosen. At that point I thought, ok, her teacher must really like her! :D So the day of the whole 4th grade fair I went up and saw her finished project and looked at all the others. I realized then that hers was good. Even though it didn't "work" like we wanted it to, she still did the experiment. She knew what she was talking about and how she could have made it better and I think that really helped. She was able to show her knowledge of her project when asked direct questions about how and why she did it! I was so proud of her, but I still thought that would be the end! She came home from school with a 1st place ribbon and the news that she'd been chosen to move onto district! The district fair is on the 16th of April. All she can take is her tri-fold and her science fair journal. Tracy and I get to go with her but we can't be with her when they interview her. I'm so excited for her and also a little nervous :D Here are some pics of her and her project!In front of her tri-fold
Her samples and the one bottle that you could sort of see a layer in
Her participation ribbon for winning from her class

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Jared said...

We are so proud of Tiaree today! It was fun to babysit too. You have good kids. Love them to pieces.