Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Great Month

So this month has been a lot of fun! We had a great trip to St. George and then we've just been living life! After St. George, I got to go to see Swan Lake with my Mom, Caitlin, Emily and Ali. It was so much fun! The dancing was so amazing! After we saw the ballet we went to Olive Garden for dinner. Yummy, yummy Olive Garden :) It was fun to hang out with the girls!! Me, Mom, Emily, Caitlin and Ali at Olive Garden

The weekend after that, I got to go have a sleepover with all my Twisters!! (Twilight Sisters) I have the best, best friends ever! We got to go to Midway and stay in this awesome cabin/condo. We stayed up until 4 and played games and did nails and watched movies and talked and talked. It was such a blast! I love being able to get away for a while and just be me, aside from being Mommy and wife. Not that I don't like being mommy and wife, but dang it's nice to get away sometimes! It's the whole "a happy wife, a happy life" concept :D I feel like I love them more and can be a better mom when I have some time off! I forgot to take any pictures, but I have a bunch of me tagged on facebook!

The night after I got back from my sleepover, I got to go with Tracy to an awards dinner for scouting. He earned the District Award of Merit. It was a really nice night and I was so proud of him. He kept saying other people deserved it more than him, but they chose him and he did deserve it! All the award winners
Keighlee was sad that she couldn't go up with us, so she ran up as soon as she could.
Getting his award

On Saturday the 6th of March, Tracy's brother got married. It was a nice day and everyone was so happy! He gets two new kids along with his new wife! They are a cute family! I don't have any pictures on my camera, but Tracy took all their pictures for them so I'm sure I'll get some on here soon!

Last weekend I went to a midnight showing of the movie Remember Me, again with my Twisters. We went mostly for the Eclipse trailer at the beginning :D It was a good movie until the very end. I hated the ending! It was bad. Robert Patterson did a good job though. The ending was so bad that it ruined the whole thing for me! Twisters in the theater! The funnest part of the whole night was the party in the theater for the hour or so before the movie started!

I also got to have a date night with my hubby and some awesome friends, the Gowans'. We went to dinner at Training Table (so love the cheese fries) and then we got to go see Brian Regan. That man is awesome. I was laughing so hard my cheeks hurt the next morning when I was singing in church! He is a clean, funny comedian! It was so much fun to get out with Tracy. We need to have more dates! Such a goof!
Self portrait. Notice the couple posing behind us :)
Tracy, Me, Camilla and Sam

It's really been a fun month! We have a busy month coming up too. Jarik turns 8 on the 27th and will be baptised on the 10th of April. Tiaree turns 10 on the 18th of April too. It's just crazy how time flies!!

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Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Oh so fun!! I'm green (jealous) about your date night seeing Brian Regan. And about the midnight showing of Remember Me, even though it was the worst ending. Love you!