Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fun Times

Well just a quick update on Karsen. He is home and doing well. He is happy and they are working towards starting on the prosthetic leg. It is amazing to see the outpouring of love and help that has come to Karsen and his family. Last night the Chili's in Riverton sponsered Karsen. They gave %10 of all sales for those who had a coupon to Karsen's trust fund. It was so very cool to see so many people there in support of them! Amazing!!

Anyway, the kids have been off track for a week now and we all were sick last week. I got a cold and cough that took me down and the kids got a stomach bug this weekend so today was the first day we were on our feet. We took the morning to clean the house after a week and a half of sickness and then we went to Gardner Village and went on a witch hunt. It was so much fun!! We found all the witches and then we got to go get cookies for .25 cents. It was fun to be together and just having fun. Next week we are going to go to Wheeler Farm with my preschool kids for a field trip. That will be fun too. I want to make off track time as fun as possible for the kids so they don't sit around bored all the time, but it's sometimes hard with teaching and all the other things we have to do! Here are some cute pictures of the day:
The kids in front of the flying witch. Sorry about the grainy pictures, I had to use my cell phone since my good camera died! The kids with the "witch who needs a hug" Tiaree Jarik Bree Keighlee The kids by the "Witchy Poo"!!

After Gardner Village I took the kids to get haircuts. Tiaree and Bree both decided to chop theirs! We took a lot off of Keighlee's too. Hopefully her's will start to grow now. Jarik also decided to start growing his out instead of shaving it all the time. He says he wants it like Zac Efron or Joe Jonas. Not sure I want it that long though. I asked if he like Harry Potter's hair in the Half Blood Prince movie and he said yeah, so we are going for that look for now! They look so cute! Here they are: Tiaree and Bree Keighlee's cute short hair! Jarik being silly!


Sam and Caitlin Tappana said...

Such a fun day and very cute pictures!

Kristy said...

Love the girl's haircuts!! Very Cute!!