Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication

Today we had the awesome opportunity to go into the temple for the dedication. It was so neat. Tiaree and I went for the 9:00 session and Tracy went to the 3:00 session. It was amazing. The talks and the whole service made me realize how lucky we are. I love that I got to help at the open house and serve there already. This whole summer has been such a special experience. We've felt the blessings of the temple already.

As I sat in the Telestial room with Tiaree, I realized that the next time I sit in that room with her, she will be going through the temple for herself. It made me excited and sad all at the same time. I hope she remembers the feelings she felt in there today and remembers the talks that were given so that she does make it back. Most of the talks in our session were directed at the youth and how to make it back to the temple as they grow older. It was truly amazing to listen to.

When the dedication was over, we were able to say hi to President Monson. He stopped in the room we were in and asked how we were doing. We were right by the door and so Tiaree got to say hi. He looked right at her and waved at her. She kind of froze and didn't go to shake his hand or anything, even though she would have just had to take 2 steps to be next to him! I couldn't have done it either! Then President Uchtdorf gave us a huge wave and Elder Bednar winked at Tiaree as he walked by. President Uchtdorf also gave us a huge wave as they went into the Celestial room before the dedication. Both waves were with both hands and a huge smile on his face! That was really special to be that close to the prophet of God.

I will always cherish the memories I have of today. That I had a child old enough to go with me was such a great experience. I am so grateful for our Stake President who worked so hard to get us tickets in the Temple. It was so amazing to feel the spirit there. I haven't felt the Spirit that strong since I went through the Temple the first time. I know angels were there today. I kept thinking of the story of the angels walking around the top of the Kirtland Temple when it was dedicated. That story kept coming to mind and I think it was a testimony to me that they were there today. I can not wait to go and do a session and spend time in the Celestial room soaking up the peace I know I'll find. What an awesome day!!


Kaylene said...

How amazing for you guys! That's amazing you got to be there and right by those wonderful men. I'm jealous. :) We also got to help a bit, it has been awesome to be a part of it all. I'm glad you got to take your daughter, that's a special thing. Mine was a year short, she was bummed. :) Anyway, I'm glad you posted about this and let us all see it. :) You are a wonderful mother and example!

Emily said...

How wonderful for you guys! What a special experience! :) I was able to attend the Winter Quarters Temple with President Hinkley. We had seats in the Celestial Room and it was so amazing! So, I know how awesome and amazing it was for you! :)

Kathy said...