Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bree's first Day of Kindergarten!

Tuesday Bree started Kindergarten. I was so excited for her but also very sad. I can't believe she is big enough to go to school. I don't want her to be big enough to go to school! She was all ready Monday night. She had her outfit picked out and was anxious to go to bed. She woke up Tuesday and was just wanting to get dressed and go right away. She is in afternoon Kindergarten so that was kind of a hard wait for her! We cleaned her room and then she took a bath and we had lunch and then she was able to finally get dressed! She was so cute! We walked up to school with our neighbors, the Gowans'. Bree and their Cortnee are in the same class. It was cute to see them walking up, holding hands. We got there and Bree was so anxious for her teacher to come. It was hard for her to wait patiently. Then when her teacher came and got them and took them inside, she didn't even turn around and wave! What???!!! I was sad, but also kind of relieved. I don't know which is worse, to have her sobbing and have to leave her there crying or for her to not even seem to care. Well I cried and had a hard time all the way home. Luckily Corntee's mom, Camilla kept me company and we spent the whole afternoon together and went up and picked them up after school. She was so happy when she got out! She loves school and has had a wonderful two days and can't wait to go back today! Here are some pics of her cuteness:Showing off her cute backpack!
Her new outfit!
Her All About Me flower she had to make
Walking up with Cortnee
Going in without even waving bye *sniff*!!


dlkenney said...

I see she has Mrs Johanson. She is awesome she helped Xander a ton and was very patient.

Chels said...

I am so excited that she has Mrs. Johanson. I've heard nothing but good about her. I'm so excited for her!