Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tracy's Birthday

This past Tuesday was Tracy's birthday. We celebrated with family when we celebrated Keighlee's birthday so we didn't do anything big. My parents left on their Mormon Tabernacle Choir tour this morning and on Tuesday we were able to go see them perform all their tour music. We didn't see the first half of the concert because the kids were starving so we went to the gateway and got some dinner. That was pretty fun.

When they first announced the concert, it was supposed to be for family and friends so that kids and grandkids could see what the choir was doing. Well the morning of the concert my mom got an email saying they weren't going to let anyone in who was under 8 years old. Stupid. So we decided to go and at least walk by. As we were listening through the doors and watching through the windows, we found out that the ushers, who thought the "rule" was stupid, were bending it and letting in kids 5 and up. So Tracy took the 3 older kids into the Tabernacle and I took KK into the cry room. We got the best part of the concert, I think! We got to see them perform some of their best numbers. Tracy and I were going to go with them on tour but the money situation didn't work out for us to, and now after hearing them, I am really sad that we couldn't. Two years from now we ARE going, no matter what!!! For those of you who don't know a lot of Choir pieces, you need to invest in some of their cd's! My favorites are Consider the Lilies, Peace Like a River, Showtime!Music of Broadway and Hollywood, and their newest one Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing. That one has a lot of spirituals and stuff on it. Anyway..... here are some pictures of the night:

View through the window outside
My Dad clapping to Cindy
My Mom
Mack Wilberg's eye brows raised means "you're going flat!"
Cool pic of Tiaree, Jarik, Bree, my Dad and my Mom (in the background) They are all looking at the camera and smiling!
Alex Boye. The man has an AMAZING voice and does all the solos for their spirituals.

It was a fun night and I think Tracy had an ok birthday. Last night we were going to go to the temple for a birthday date night but the Jordan River is closed and the Draper doesn't have rental clothing yet and then our sitter was exposed to swine flu and Bree and KK have been sick so we didn't want to expose them. They are pretty vulnerable right now. So instead we rented Forever Strong and had some treats. It was a fun night! Happy Birthday honey, maybe next year will be better!

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