Saturday, May 2, 2009

Another Crazy Month

So I haven't been around for a while, it's been so crazy busy around here it's not even funny. And it's just going to stay that way for about 2 or 3 more weeks! Easter was great, we had a wonderful day. It was really nice this year, and I felt that we really focused on the Savior a lot. I think the kids understood better that Easter is about Jesus and not about candy and bunnies. It was a nice day.

I have a new calling in the ward, I am one of the ward primary choristers. In our ward, we have two and we rotate every month with junior and senior. That way we get to go to either Sunday School or Relief Society every other month. It's been so much fun so far! It's a lot more work than just "throwing" a lesson together though. I actually have to use my brain to think of ways to teach these songs. But when it works, it's the best feeling and the spirit is so strong!

Tiaree turned 9 this month. I'm not old enough to have a 9 year old. No way. It's crazy how big she is getting. She is so beautiful and so smart. We had a nice day on her birthday. Her and Bree actually had a dance recital on her birthday at South Towne Expo. They did such a good job! That night we had just our little family at home and had a little celebration. It was really nice. The Monday after her b-day, we had family over for a BBQ. It was a lot of fun, and she really enjoyed it.

The last few days of April I got to go spend time at Women's Conference at BYU. What a wonderful experience! I went down with my wonderful friend Heidi and stayed in a hotel with her and her mom. I got to go and be spiritually uplifted for 2 straight days! I learned so much about my Savior's love for me and about my role as a mother and daughter of God. I was crying almost the whole time it seems. I learned about how to raise my girls with virtue and modesty. I learned how to study the scriptures with a purpose. I learned how to deal with my trials in the strength of the Lord. Elder Perry spoke at the closing session and he told us that we need to stand up and show the world what we as Latter Day Saints really stand for. He told us all the mis-conceptions about the church and told us that we have a responsibility to change that. It was such a great talk. I also learned about parenting techniques taught in the Book of Mormon and how to correct our children with love. That one was so needed and I have used it today with my kids and it's been great. They have responded quicker and there haven't been meltdowns or arguments. I'll have to get my notes out and type up the important points because it was wonderful!!

My sister graduated from college today and Tracy and I, and Keighee, drove down to Cedar City to see her ceremony. It was a really neat thing and I'm so proud of her! She goes through the temple next week and then her and Sam get married the next week. That's part of why things are so busy!

Bree had her Kindergarten orientation on the 17th. She is very excited to go to school. She was so good and listened so well. She will fit right in when she starts. It will be good to get her away from me!! LOL!! She is doing better in preschool with me as her teacher, but she needs a change.

Well I can't believe that it's May now. This month is going to fly by and the summer will be her before I know it!!

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kandi said...

Okay busy lady! Sounds like you've been going, going, going. The Women's Conference sounds like it was great! I'd love to her about those parenting techniques (I need all the help I can get...especially with raising a teenager). Glad you're back to blogging!!