Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well here I am, back to the grind. It was nice having a long weekend! All our fun started on Wednesday when we went to Tracy's Grandparents for a big Thanksgiving dinner with all his extended family. The food was yummy! We came home from that and watched the Polar Express. Well the kids watched the Polar Express, I zonked out! I think I saw the train leave but never pick up the other boy!!! Thursday morning Tracy went and played Turkey Bowl with the guys from the neighborhood. He is still sore! It was funny, he just played way too hard. After he got home, I went and helped my mom get the turkey in and then she and I and my sister went swimming. We have been going swimming every Thanksgiving for so long! It's way fun. It's a nice way to work out and then not feel so bad when you pig out! LOL! We had a super yummy dinner at my mom's with my brother and his wife and my sister and her better-be-fiance-soon boyfriend! My other brother and his wife were in Colorado with her family. We missed them and their girls tons, but I'm glad they got to go. After dinner and pie and visiting we came back here and watched the Santa Clause 3. That's a tradition too, after Thanksgiving dinner watching a Santa Clause movie. Well it's usually SC1 but we watched that on Sunday after we had our own little Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday morning we got up and headed to St. George to be with Tracy's mom. They couldn't come up so we went down there. It was nice. We went to Zion's on Saturday and I coudln't believe how crowded it was. It was crazy! It took us forever to find a place to park. But we got a good hike in to the Emerald Pools and then went to the Lodge and relaxed for a few minutes. Then we headed back to our car, which was parked at the Grotto picnic area, about 1/2 mile from the Lodge. It was a nice walk and we saw a herd of deer just sitting there off to the side of the trail. They weren't even scared. I think they are used to people and they know they won't be hurt. They were cool to watch. Tracy's sister and her family got there Saturday night and we had a nice dinner. Then us girls went to see Twilight!! :) My MIL hadn't seen it yet, and I'll take any excuse to go see it again! (Keep reading for my thoughts on all things Twilight, I'll do it in another post!) Yesterday we lounged around and then headed home. Traffic was crazy! I've never seen that many people heading north on I-15! I guess it was even worse going south. My SIL and her family headed to Disneyland for the week and it took them 10 hours to get there from St. George. I guess it was only supposed to take 5 or 6. Seeing as how I've never been there, I wouldn't know, but I guess the traffic was horrid!

Anyway, it was a fun weekend and I'm glad I got to relax and spend time with all my family. Tracy is home today too and we are going to start putting all our fun Christmas stuff up! Yay! Stay tuned for some pics of Zions and Thanksgiving!

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Kathy said...

Fun to wave at you as you were driving home!