Wednesday, October 22, 2008


On Monday we went to the Farm for Bree's preschool fieldtrip. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Bree thought she was so special because we went on her birthday! (More about that later) I forgot my camera, of course, but I took a couple cute pics on my cell. We saw the cows and I stumped the kids when they said that chocolate milk came from the brown cows and I asked what milk came from the black cows then. It was funny. I then had to explain that all the cows give white milk. There were a ton of horses out eating and some ponies too. They were cute. There was one horse that was sticking his head over the fence so we all were able to pet his head and mane. The kids really liked that. We went on the wagon ride which is always a highlight. These are my pics from that:

Bree and Jaxon

Keighlee was so cute. She held to my hand so tightly! She was smiling and giggling the whole time, but she wouldn't let go!
We went and saw all the ducks and geese and there were some scary aggressive geese that were very demanding. They finally figured out that we didn't have any bread and left us alone. We ended with a picnic lunch. It was really fun, the sun was warm and it was a really beautiful fall day! Oh, the geese bothered us while we were eating too. Crazy little things. They are really kind of scary if they don't get food! It was a fun day though. I'll write about Bree's birthday after we have her party with her cousins and stuff tonight! And when I have Tracy's camera that has pictures on it!


mandy said...

too cute:D...I love the doggie sweet:D...geese are super scary!!!

Jaimie said...

I haven't seen you guys in forever, but Bree reminds me a lot of Tracy. Especially in that pic on the wagon :) Too cute!