Tuesday, July 29, 2008

So Excited!

So most of you that know me, know that I'm completely obsessed with the Twilight series. I'm not alone in this obsession which is wonderful. Well Friday is the day of all days for me! I guess technically it's Saturday, but my fun starts Friday night. At 12:01 a.m. the last book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, comes out. I've been helping to plan the party of all parties with 68 of my TwilightMom friends. :D Well some of them, like my awesome sister, are friends or family of TwilightMoms. It's going to be a huge crowd all enthusiastic about Twilight getting together to talk Twilight and eventually to read Breaking Dawn. We are having a pot luck dinner and we are going to Barnes and Noble in Sandy and then after we get our wonderful, beautiful, most awesome books ever, we are going back to a friends house and we are staying up till all hours reading away!!! We will have food and fun and caffine and we will all be able to talk to each other about our favorite, or (hopefully not) our not so favorite parts! Only a few people understand how completely excited I am about this! When you start getting giddy over a name tag, you know you are crazy, but when you get giddy over a name tag with 4 other ladies, you have some awesome friends! :) I love the friends I've made through TM's! I wish we could do more together. I'll have to plan something at my house soon. That would be a blast!

Then after the release of Breaking Dawn, the wait is on for the Twilight Movie. I am also so very stoked for this. Again we are planning a huge party, but this time, we are renting a whole theater out from the District. AAAGGGHHH!!!! It's going to be so fun. Every new tidbit I see from the movie makes me.... I don't know, it goes above excited. It's the same for the Harry Potter movies. If there was anything released for that movie, I'd be watching it over and over too! They come out 2 weeks apart! It's going to be a great two weeks. :D

To get me through to December I have my first long trip out of state without my family to look forward to. I am going to Forks, WA in September. Forks is the town that the Twilight books are set in. I am going to Forks with a bunch of, you guessed it, TwilightMoms! I can't wait, it's going to be so much fun. We get to go to the beach and have a bon fire and just see Twilight sights! WAHOO!!! I still can't believe that I get to go. My hubby is so dang awesome, working things out so I can go. He is awesome with this whole Twilight thing anyway. He just grins and rolls his eyes. I haven't had friends to do girl things with and hang out with so I'm hoping that he realizes how important it is to me to have friends like this. Even if we are crazy!! LOL!!

Anyway, I am so dang excited this week and I had to just blog on that.


Tori Bradford said...

Wow. That sounds like fun. I'm reading the series again so that when I can get my hands on a copy of Breaking Dawn I can remember what is going on. Yea for Twilight and Yea for Harry Potter (that a Yea for December).

What a nice husband you have letting you go to Forks. I'm a little jealous.

kandi said...

Alright you...I want in on the action! I'm from Washington you know. I've been up by Forks, but not directly IN Forks. And, this was quite a while ago. I moved from Washington when I was a teenager (15). I went back last year, but I'm dying to go again and see both Forks and La Push. In any case...the whole renting the theater out for the movie sounds like a blast and a half! I wonder how much that'll cost...??